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Ms Margaret  Deane Rhode


Ms Margaret  Deane Rhode










University of KWAZULU-NATAL(Westville campus)

Research Interests

Sports and Neurology




Mrs Margaret Deane Rhode achieved her a BSc in physiotherapy  at UKZN(Durban Westville) and her Masters in Medical Science(Sports Medicine) at the University of Natal. She has 35 years experience as a physiotherapist. She is a registered member of the Health Professional Council and South African Society for Physiotherapy.  She was a  treasurer for the cardiopulmonary group of  South African  Society for physiotherapy for 6  years. She has also done the Neurodevelopmental Therapy and Orthopaedic manipulative. Her clinical experience in Kwazulu- Natal  was in the following areas( She worked in a senior to chief capacity during this period): King Edward V111 hospital, Northdale Hospital and RK Khan. Experience in the Cape was at Tygerberg hospital and Groote Schuur hospital .  She worked at two special schools - Eros School (in the Cape 4 years) and St Raphael’s (in KwaZulu-Natal 4 years). She was trained and worked as a Classifier for disabled sports at a National level. She now has 19 years of academic experience  at UKZN. During this period she was an external examiner for   the University of Cape Town, Wits University ,the university of Limpopo and The Durban Technical college. She is currently in the process of submission towards her PhD. ResearchGate Profile

List of Publications

1.Deane MN,Gregory MA, Mars M 2002 Histological and morphometric changes in untraumatised rabbit skeletal muscle treated with  deep transverse friction. South African Journal of Physiotherapy 58(1):28-33.


2.GregoryMA, Deane MN, Mars M 2003 Ultrastructural changes in untraumatised rabbit skeletal muscle treated with deep transverse friction. Physiotherapy 89(7):408-416.


3.Gregory MA, Mars M, Deane MN  2003 Changes in the size of capillaries in rabbit skeletal muscle following deep transverse friction and compressed air massage. Microscopy Microanalysis 9(Suppl2).


4.Deane MN, Gregory MA, Mar M 2013 Creation of a contusion injury in rabbit skeletal muscle using a drop-mass technique. Journal of South African veterinary Association 84(1):1-6


5.Deane MN, Gregory MA, Mars M 2013The effect of a contusion injury on rabbit skeletal muscle: a morphological study .The open access journal of Science and technology 1:1-8


6.Cobbing S, Hanass-Hancock J, Deane M 2014 Physiotherapy rehabilitation in the context of HIV and disability in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Disability and Rehabilitation.


7. Deane MN, Gregory M, Mars M 2014 The creation of a measurable contusion injury in skeletal muscle. Accepted for publication in the  Journal of South African veterinary Association




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